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How to quiet the mind…

  Can you believe that it was a week ago when the World Cup was still the subject of conversation? Did you catch any of the action on TV or in Russia? One of the edgiest moments over the games for me was to watch penalty shoot-outs and it got me wondering how football players […]

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog

Happy Chinese New Year 2018! Today 16th February 2018 marks the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Dog. Firstly, I want to wish all of you a very happy, abundant, prosperous and healthy new year ahead! Just for fun, I am sharing with you some fun facts for this Chinese New Year: […]

My First 10 Days on a Plant-Based Diet Trial

At the end of 2018, I had a real urge to try a plant-based diet to see how that would make me feel.  I have read reports of how a plant-based diet has cured some people of chronic back pain.  Although my back is no longer in constant pain, I have to stretch very regularly […]

Trying a Vegan Diet

According to restaurant consultant group Baum + Whiteman, “plant-based” food will be THE food trend next year in 2018. Some believe that this is the biggest food hype since organic food has become so popular. Last year, one of my good friends decided to follow a plant based diet and he really enjoyed his lifestyle […]

Managing Change with Yoga Studios & Yoga Teachers

Is it me or has quite a number of yoga studios changed ownership recently? I have noticed quite a few of them closing, or being sold off and re-branded as something else in and around London. I have also noticed quite a few new studios opening outside London which is fantastic as it is becoming […]

Best Yoga Teachers in London…?

Recently, an article was published by About Time Magazine titled ‘Top 10: Best Yoga Teachers in London 2017’. This headline grabbed me and I felt compelled to read it. I went through the whole list and thought to myself: “Where are my favourite yoga teachers teaching in London right now? Why aren’t they on the […]

#MeToo in the Yoga World

#MeToo in the Yoga World Lately, there have been many news reports and tweets about sexual harassment.  One after another, both men and women have built up the courage to speak up about their experiences. Luckily for me, I was never seriously hurt but I want to share my experience with you, because I believe […]

Bikram Yoga: The Sequence, Not The Name

Everyone practises yoga for very different reasons. Some people see it as an exercise to compliment their regular other cardio exercise. I got into Bikram Yoga and kept up with the practice for very different reasons. At the beginning, I was travelling for work and away from home four nights every week so I wanted […]

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