Third Week of My 30 Days’ Bikram Yoga Challenge

Bodhi Me Standing Bow Pulling Pose
Bikram Standing Bow Pulling Pose – Dandyamana Dhanurasana (Photo by Bodhi Me)

I am now half way through my first ever 30 days’ Bikram Yoga challenge.  Here is how I got on:

Day 15: Thursday 15th September

I went back into the hot room taught by Laura at the 6:30am class.  Last time I was in Laura’s class, I had a bit of a meltdown giving myself a hard time over not touching my forehead on my knee.  I decided that today is a different day and class went a lot smoother.  It’s the half way point of my challenge and different teachers have told me different days in which they really struggled with the challenge and they all seem to be in the half way point.  I have been wondering whether it will start dragging on but luckily, it hadn’t.  The class went quickly despite my hip now feeling quite sore and tight.

Day 16: Friday 16th September

I practised at the 6:30am class again taught by Laura.  Before and after class, I now feel like I have somebody else’s hips, thighs and legs as they feel tight and sore.  I have been struggling getting out of chairs and I have found that by walking more during the day, they help loosen my hips and leg muscles.

This morning’s class went by quickly even though I am tired from waking up so early the past few mornings for class.  However I am now really enjoying early morning classes as they set up such a great start to my day each morning.  I feel happier and have more energy during the day after an early yoga class.

Day 17: Saturday 17th September

This morning, I practised with nearly 50 Bikram yogi’s in the hot room and it was lovely!  I absolutely loved the energy despite the challenge with humidity.  Ironically, I didn’t think it was hot enough in the room.

Laura taught a very energetic class and I ended up being in the front row.  I have been avoiding the front row for ages but the new concentrated sense of focus has helped me during class.  During class this morning, I realised that I don’t like looking at myself in the eyes in the mirror again.  I was curious on why that is and I think it is because I can concentrate on balance and stillness better when I don’t look myself in the eyes.

Bodhi Me Standing Separate Leg Forehead To Knee
Bikram Standing Leg Head to Knee Pose – Dandayamana Bibhaktapata Janushirasan (Photo by Bodhi Me)

Day 18: Sunday 18th September

I decided to take more time to sleep/rest on Sunday and practise at a later 5pm class.  Kat taught a lovely class and I felt I could focus more.  I really felt the energy from group of people around me.  Our class did not have any newbies and everyone was so focused.  I felt really good during class and I always feel more flexible later on in the day anyway.

I am now more aware of the food I eat before and after class.  I had a nice light Japanese lunch which helped fuel my energy for class this afternoon.  After class, I had an avocado and crackers and lots of water and herbal tea afterwards.

Day 19: Monday 19th September

I am now beginning to feel like I need more than water for hydration.  I am now drinking coconut water after class as well as warm water with some Himalayan salt and a slice of lemon to replenish my minerals.  I have caught up on more sleep over the weekend but I still feel tired and not sure if it is just a lack of sleep or maybe I am doing too much.

I practised in Andy’s class at 6:15pm this evening and it was Andy’s dialogue which got me to the end of my practise.  He made me believe that I can do this even when I felt tired and sore in class.  I breathed through it and told myself that I needed to just try and do what I could, one posture at a time.

After class, I went home and had to finish some work so I went to bed really late.  I only ate grapes and a mango with lots of redbush tea and water as I didn’t feel hungry.  I knew I should have eaten some protein but I did not eat any in the end.

Day 20: Tuesday 20th September

With only 5.5 hours’ sleep after a late night of work and not being able to sleep, I woke up at 5:30am with an empty stomach, some water and redbush tea before I practised in the 6:30am class with Andy.  I don’t normally like practising with food in my stomach and I have been going to 6:30am classes during this challenge without any food.

This morning was very tough physically and it was the first time I found it so challenging.  My shoulders felt very tired and my knees were hurting before I even got to the studio.  I tried not to think about them and allow them to limit my practice this morning.

I only practised one set of 2-3 postures but I told myself that this was ok as I listened to my body.

During the day, I ate more carbs for breakfast and lunch time.  I had salmon and vegetables for dinner with lots of water but I started feeling dizzy and light-headed all day.

Bodhi Me Standing Forehead To Knee
Bikram Standing Head to Knee Pose – Dandayamana Janushirasana (Photo by Bodhi Me)

Day 21: Wednesday 21st September

I ended up sleeping very late again last night as I had to finish some very last minute work and I woke up at 5:30am for a 6:30am class.  I feel absolutely exhausted and sore throughout the class but I made it through to the end of class.  After class, I had a good breakfast and hydrated a lot with about 5 litres of liquid.  However I feel really tired and started to feel like I am rocking on a boat and this is when my vertigo came back during this challenge.  I have known for a couple of years that when I don’t get enough sleep and when I’m stressed, I will start feeling dizzy and when it’s bad, I will feel like I am rocking on a boat.

Read about my last week of the challenge to see how I overcame my vertigo.

Have you ever attempted a Bikram 30 days’ challenge?  I would love to hear your experience and thoughts.

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